Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Master Project

Time so fast past by, it has been 2 month since I registered Master program in UTM here. It is a very tough decision I made in my life so far,the decision for continuing my study.
Wonder if I say my fate make me here right now, seem like I never efforts to achieve a success and rather just hoping a good fortune come to me. The only thing I realize is I’m enjoying my life now, there is no pressure to me, I can do what I like, no need to listen anybody instruction, no more been insulted and hearing any scolded from superior.
Even here I also have a superior which is my supervisor of my project, he never do that such thing to me, although at the first meeting I thought he is very straight and ‘skema’ but after a several meeting he is a nice man, as a return I done all the task he gives to me properly. Now, i still have a monthly income which I receive as my research allowance, my working hours so flexible, as long as I run my project and achieve an objective of my project.
Mentioning the objective of my project, my project title is Analytical Study of Disc Brake Noise Suppression through Structural Modification. At first I’m anxious this is a tough project but I dare challenging myself to take it, the only thing I thought that time was successful people not just doing the thing they know but figure out and learn to know what they don’t know. So far I manage to understand what my project is.
Last week I have submitted all the report for this semester. So now I in progress to find a solution for deriving several equations, maybe next week I return to home for break I made myself hehehe…what can I say I’m just follow the rhyme..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet oh internet

In a few day ago my internet (celcom BB) become so suck. Althought captured HSDPA signal the speed only run below 5kb/sec. Thing get more worse when in my lab it only can received GPRS signal. Until now I still cannot figure out the actual problem, either it is a laptop or a ISP problems. Every time i start connected to the internet via my BB the signal turn to GPRS. I have done many thing on this laptop like defrag , install and uninstall modem's firmware and so on but the problem still happened.

This whole things make me want to migrates to P1max, unfortunately P1max coverage have very limited area. Recently my brother asked my view on the P1max, I have gone through several forum and discussion about this provider, most subscribed feedback that they got a good speed on the 7 days prohibition period but after that the speed cannot achieve as the same  before. So considering change to P1max is not in the short term solution that I will take.

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